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I purchased my 5 year old daughter the Nabi 2 tablet for Christmas. I noticed that it was always hard to turn on and off. My daughter couldn't get it to work so I had to do it for her. The power button broke got stuck inside and now it will not turn on.

I contacted Nabi on July 7, 2013 about getting a replacement or getting the one I have fixed. They sent me an automatic response claiming they cared and they receive extremely high volume of emails and to contact them on Face Book for the fastest response time. I do not do Face Book. So I waited, waited and waited.

It is now July 26, 2013 and I still haven't gotten a response back. I have tried to look for a customer service phone number and they do not appear to have one.

This has been the BIGGEST waste of money. They offer a 1 year warranty but how can you use the warranty if they do not bother to return any emails. Do not buy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nabi Tablet.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I know this is an old post, but our button just broke (May 2017), and I fixed it to where it's working again. I called Nabi at 888-ASK-NABI, and they sent me a $40 coupon for any mattel item, and said the new dreamtab is at Walmart for $69...

That's not a bad fix... They also said the motherboard manufacturer is no longer in business, so repair would be impossible.

However, I'm OCD and don't want a good electronic piece to go to waste. So I fixed it by buying a new tactile switch for the motherboard behind the power button, and replaced it myself (had a friend do the soldering). Now it works great.

Took me FOREVER to find the replacement part, so I thought I would share to those who are motivated to FIX their Dreamtab.

Steps to fix it, if you care:

1.If you're doing this, you'll want to buy PN 1571262-2, made by TE Connectivity, from www.mouser.com. You may want to wait until after step 4 and you've confirmed it's the switch, but the part was $1.82.

2.Remove 6 screws from the back lego looking plate thing.

3.Remove 2 screws from underneath it. 4.using fingernail or plastic screwdriver, start prying back off. Be careful.

There are 28 little tabs all the way around, and you don't want to break those. Jamming a screwdriver too far will damage electronics... Back comes off the front with nothing attached to it but gold foil. 5.Look at the motherboard (main green circuit board), near the corner where the Power button is (SW3).

Most likely, there is a tactile switch with the head broken off (Cheap Chinese switch with no markings). It's the exact same switch that's on the volume buttons (SW1 and SW2), which probably aren't broken. a.For a "jimmy-rig" fix, simply leave off the power/volume buttons, or cut off the power button from the volume buttons, from the chassis and reassemble. Use a small glasses screwdriver to stick in the little hole and push the button for power on/off.

This is difficult to work with, and a child couldn't do it...so I don't recommend this "jimmy-rig". b.For a good fix, you'll have to begin by removing all kapton tape, and disconnect the 14 micro-connectors from the motherboard, and remove the two screws holding the board to the chassis. Board should be free to hold and examine. you should see the 3 switches, and the power button will not have a head (button) on it.

NOTE: For the next part, I REALLY recommend a technical person who knows soldering to perform the actions...Take it to one of those phone repair shops. They can probably do it if paid by the hour. 6.Using a soldering iron, remove the broken switch(es). 7.Notice the old part will have two plastic guide nubs on the bottom.

The new part (1571262-2) will not have these nubs, so the technician will have to eyeball the placement of the part to have the button exactly even with the two volume buttons. 8.Reattach Motherboard to all 14 connectors, make sure the buttons fit, and depress and hold the power button for a few seconds. It should power up. 9.After verifying it still works, power off.


11.Give to your kid to break again, then buy the technical friend dinner or drinks! I hope this helps.

to Dave #1385414

I tried calling the number you provided and it's an insurance company. Could you repost the number again.

My grandson dreamtab power button is lodged as well. Thank you

Coralville, Iowa, United States #777456

They nor anyone else repairs...if it breaks it is just broken. My daughters power button did that as well and the only way tobget a new one is to be ib the one year period.

If not your out of luck. Also the only repairs nabi does are on screen issues nothing more..sure wish I would have know all that before I purchased this brand.

to dont buy nabi West Virginia, United States #1050397

Uhm no it's not only one year if you purchase a extended warranty.. They do have a customer service number my daughters tablet just done the same thing and called them.

The company it's self does not cover the button, but if you bought it at a store such as walmart or others like walmart you can buy a extended warranty and they can swap it out for a new one.

Or if you can follow instructions online you could fix it yourself. If there's a will, there's a way.


Have you tried posting on their facebook page? The "Moms and Dads" there were quick to reply to me and if you need the tablet replaced they will help you with that. The number is 1-855-ASK-NABI.

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