Nabi Dreamtab Hd8 Tablet Reviews

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Delivery Service
Style and Design
long story short, was able to get a new on from the company at $80 when it cam straight out of the box it did not work would not go passed the logo pg. sent it back then toys r us bought me a new on and sent me the receipt. straight out of the box that on didn't work as well so that makes 4 dt that are useless. I hate to say it but I will no longer buy from nabi. I have asked them to recall the dream tabs but of course they will not. please...
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I liked
  • That it was kid friendly
  • Tablet while it worked
I didn't like
  • Continual problems with defective units
  • Junk charger
  • Nabi not working
I bought my two daughters each a Nabi that one of them has a broken glass, I find that they are in bankruptcy and it cannot be fixed! I found the LAST Nabi in the city where I live, bought it, and now the Nabi Pass does not work on it. So, in essence, I have bought three of these things, which can't be fixed, and I cannot find anyone to give me info on how to cancel the Nabi Pass on a Nabi that no longer works....wasted over $300...
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I got my grandson the nabi for Christmas from nabi on web $180. it stop working 2 week after reeving it. I send it back and in March 2016 they send me a tab Nabi..In June it stop working again and i call and they said nothing they can do to fax it. So please do not order Nabi or you are just giving your money away..My grandson is so unhappy now. I hope that they did not sent me a use nabi and know that it was going to work for a coupe of month....
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I didn't like
  • That it stopped working repeatedly
  • Keeps breaking
  • Company does not stand behind their products